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When we say not being heavy loaded, we’re not saying being a nudist in the battlefield. In the early stage of ShiFu, players will get a suite of equipment freely, yes, a whole suite of it! And it’s totally FREE!! After that you can add some Gems and Treasures into this suite, making it a superior and powerful suite! Now let’s see how to craft your suite with the Forge System!

1. Upgrade Equipment

With the character’s level going up, how can you endure the shabby primary cloth?! Now the equipment will help you! In ShiFu, players can acquire materials and blueprint of craft through Sweeping. After that, players can Synthesis their equipment in Forge Page. When a player is in need of some materials, clicking at the material button will take you to acquire it automatically.

2. Enhance Equipment

Equipment Enhance is an important and efficient way to increase your power. With every level you are growing, you can enhance your equipment for one more level. So with enough silver, you can soon have a whole suite of Enhanced Equipment!

3. Gem Setting

Equipment can also be enhanced by gem setting, yet you have to trepan first. But don’t worry, you will have the same suite all the time, so the holes you trepanned will remains even after level up, just spend a little bit silver to trepan to holes and they will always be there.

4. Gem Synthesis

Players can acquire level 1 gems with all kinds of attributes from Univere Box. Do not discard these level 1 gems when you are having too many of them, because they are materials of high level gems. Players can synthesize high level gems in 2 ways, by using silver, or by using Ingot. Synthesis with silver succeeds with a relatively low chance, while synthesis with Ingot is 100% successful. Synthesized gems in either way shares the same effects, so all the players can equally have a whole suite of top level gems!

5. Class Purge

Do you remember the goddamn purge system? All attributes would change when you were only purging the values, that’s just sick isn’t it? Now the new purge system in ShiFu will help you get rid of the trouble, with Class Purge to purge only additional attributes, which can even lock some attributes first! In that way players can no doubt purge some of the most awesome equipment they want, isn’t that just cool?!

6. Values Purge

When players have created several equipment with same attributes yet low values, what can they do? With value purge on the other way, we can now solve this problem easily! Just drag the target equipment to purge column and click “Purge” button to start. After you have purged the favorite attribute, click “Save” and add this value to the corresponding attribute. So easy, right?

This is how top level equipment is forged. What are you guys waiting for? Come and make your own suite!