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For 3 centuries in the history, never had Dynasty Song and Jin stopped fighting each other. Many heroes appeared in those epic battles. Now in ShiFu, torch of the endless Song & Jin Battle has once more be lightened!

Song & Jin Battlefield is a brand new PVP system in ShiFu, in which everyone will be Mr.Savior to the battle. Each everyone has their mission to kill the enemies, and defend their homeland! We are now the heroes, we will be in the history! Let’s pick up our weapons and fight the enemies! It’s time to cease this disaster with our hand!

1. Time of Battle

20:00-20:30 on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.

2. Conditions

All players above level 60 can join.

3. Rules

1) Players can join each either Song or Jin to compete with the other side.

2) Players who kill enemy players will gain points, and then win the final victory.

3) Players join the battlefield will be rewarded richly, the winning side will be rewarded with Heavenly Sword Soul, while the MVP will be rewarded with the True Heavenly Sword Soul!

4) All players can cheer for their favored side and interact with players within battlefield after it’s started. Players cheer for the winning side will be rewarded with Cheer Reward.