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Power is the mark of a martial master, power of legendary masters are even abysmal. In the world of martial art, power can be used to do both harm and good, and the burst out of power usually stands for the best situation of a master. Let’s have a look at the power system in ShiFu!

1. Brief Introduction
Open the character page, click the power button to check the power of your character. Power is divided into 10 levels, with each level correspond to certain amount of power days. When a player reaches the amount of days, he will make a breakthrough to the next level automatically. The more level it is, the more buff for the attribute will be. Players can increase their power by staying online. What’s more, inheritance from a Hermit Expert, or inheritance from other players, are two of the more efficient ways to increase power.

2. Power Skill
Power system has a Godlike skill: Combined Vigor. It is an active skill, use it on the same level or lower level players will directly causing them to lose 30% of their HP. A MUST have and a MUST use skill in PVP! Try my Combined Vigor first!

3. Inner Power Shield
Inner Power Shield is one of the functions of the power system, this skill is as powerful as the Combined Vigor. After using this skill, friendly units will reduce 30% damage received. This skill also create a fixed damage to the enemy, ignoring enemy’s defense. The higher the skill level, the higher the damage. In advanced duels, one move can determine the battle’s result, so use this shield wisely to win the duel!