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Disciple System

Every martial art fan wants to build their own guild and create a legend of his. Now the disciple system in ShiFu will help you with this dream! Players can now create their own guild, recruit their disciples even some of the most famous masters like the Invincible Swordsman, Master Asia, Huchong Ling…With the incoming disciple system, your world will never be hollow!

1.Create your guild

Players who finish certain main story mission will open disciple system, then you can create your own guild and go on your way to the Master!

2.Disciple Recruitment

To create your guild, you must have some awesome and powerful disciples. Now the Disciple Recruitment System will help you! You can recruit even some legendary masters like the invincible swordsman and Master Asia!

3.Travel around the World!

It’s impossible to be a hermitage expert if you want to create your own legend, you have to travel and fight around the world, with assistance of your disciples. With the reputation of your guild growing, your opponents are getting stronger as well.

4.Disciples Dispatch

How can you leave your disciples idling? Send them to work! Now with disciples dispatch system we can send or disciples to work and earn money for you! But don’t forget the time of dispatching is limited!

5.Martial club challenge

Wherever there are guilds, there’s a fight for territory. Here we bring you brand new PVP and Martial Club control battle, get the Ingot rewards and create the legend of your guild!

There are more gameplay styles for the disciple system. It’s just like another game within ShiFu, offering you different experience in this world. So let’s go find out more gameplay style and paly it around!