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Treasury Exploration
Treasury Exploration is actually a chessboard. You can roll the dice to get the step number on the chessboard, during which you may meet with monsters, find the chests, get gifts, challenge Demon Lord and even make one of your friends to be your scapegoat and bear the outcome for you when you meet with misfortune.
Treasury Exploration will be enabled at Lv 65. Entrance:

Roll the dice
You will get a number from 1-6 randomly. The number you get is the step number you can move. When you move forward, you will meet with the incident in the corresponding slot which includes Traps, monsters, Monster Lair, Demon Lord, chests, random events, etc. The number of times to roll the dice is limited.

Lucky Dice
You can choose one number from 1-6 to be your step number in order to avoid the Traps and unnecessary battles. But Lucky Dice is rare, so you have to use it carefully.

Combat Hierogram
The times to roll the dice will be reduced if you fail in the battle with monsters or Demon Lord. Therefore, you can use the Combat Hierogram to ask your friends to fight for you when you meet with stronger enemies. You will get the rewards if your friend wins and the times won’t be reduced even when your friend loses. You shouldn’t use the Combat Hierograms at will but use them when you meet with Monster Lair and Demon Lord.

Stand-in Hierogram
If you step in a trap, you may get a number from only1 to 3 when you roll the dice and even 1 time to roll the dice will be reduced. Therefore, the Stand-in Hierogram will work. You can use it to make your friend suffer these for you!

Reach the destination
When you reach the destination, your remaining number of Lucky Dice will be increased by1, which will the number of times for you to spin the Lucky Wheel. There are EXP, Silver and all kinds of gifts in Lucky Wheel! Come on!