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Guild System
You can join or establish Guild when you reach Lv 30.

Join a Guild
If you are not a member of a Guild, you will see the Guild list on the right of the Guild interface when you enter it. You can search the Guild you want to join or apply to join the Guild on the list.

Establish Guild
You can consume a certain amount of Diamond to establish your own Guild and become the Guild Leader.

Guild Welfare
It will do great help to join a Guild! The Treasure Hunting will be enabled if any Guild member consumes a certain amount of Diamonds. Only one person pays and the whole Guild will all get the benefits!

Guild Depot
If your Guild wins in The War of Fairyland Domination, you can enter Abyss to challenge the final BOSS and get the superior equipments! The treasures you got will be placed in the Guild Depot and used to promote the Guild members!

Guild Challenge
It is the exclusive challenge for the Guild. You can not only cultivate yourselves but get extra rewards from it. What are you waiting for? Come on to join us!