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Fairyland System
Enabled level: Lv 33
Rewards: A great amount of EXP, Equipments, etc.

Fairyland is one of the main way to gain EXP. You cannot only gain EXP by killing monsters in the Fairyland, but also gain EXP and Equipment by achieving all kinds of objectives. When the mantissa of your level reaches 5 or 0, new Fairyland will be enabled and you will get the system notification about the new Fairyland.

Fairyland Map
There is Entrance and Exit of Fairyland. If you fail, you will revive at the Entrance. Exit is the way to the Fairyland of the next level.

Types of Monsters
There are 3 types of monsters in Fairyland, Normal Monster, Capturing Monster, and Guardian. You can gain EXP by attacking them.
5 Normal Monsters will be refreshed every time. You can kill them out of turn and the next wave of Normal Monsters will be refreshed if you kill them all. You can start the battle by finding the monsters manually or automatically. The fewer the turns you need to kill the monsters, the higher the rating will be and the better the reward you will get.
Capturing Monsters and Guardian are rare monsters. You can get more generous rewards if you kill them.

EXP Bonus
Claiming the EXP Bonus can help you get more EXP in Fairyland. The higher you VIP level is, the better the bonus will be! The time for the bonus can be claimed or frozen according to your option.

1. After you refresh Guardian, there will be a countdown time of 2 hours for you to kill it. If you fail to kill it within 2 hours, it will disappear.
2. You can fight start the battle with Guardian or Capturing Monster by finding them automatically.
3. You can claim the reward if you defeat Guardian. If you fail, you can invite other players to help you and all the players take part in the battle will get the rewards.
4. The rewards will be given to the players who capture and hold the treasure in the limited time.