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Doomsday Battle will be enabled at Lv 42.

You can select the stage you want to challenge and check the rewards when you enter the Doomsday Battle interface. You can start challenging by clicking the Doomsday Battle button. After the battle, there will be a CD time, during which you can’t challenge again. Players can challenge it 3 times for free every day. VIP players can challenge more times for free, the higher the VIP level is, the more times the player can challenge.

Start to challenge
There are 15 groups of monsters in Doomsday Battle. You will meet with the leading monster after you kill 2 groups of little monsters. If you kill the leading monster within the limited turns, you can skip the following 2 groups of little monsters and challenge the next leading monster directly.

Your HP won’t be restored after you finish 1 battle in Doomsday Battle. The dead hero will not revive.
Reviving time
You can revive for free after the first time you fail in the battle. If you fail again and want extra reviving times, you can consume Diamond to buy it. If your time to buy reviving times becomes 0, you will fail. The time to buy reviving times is related to the VIP level.
The fewer turns you play to clear it, the higher rating you will get and thus the more rewards you will get.