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Arena will be enabled at Lv 31.

Initial Battle in Arena
You will be ranked very low when you enter Arena for the first time. You need to keep challenge to improve your ranking. Your mounts will boost additional attributes for all of your heroes in Arena. There is CD time for challenging players in Arena. During this time, you can’t continue to challenge.

Challenge other players
You can challenge other players by click them in the Arena interface. Only you and 6 players ranked in front of you will be shown in the Arena interface. After challenging other players, you will get Blood Coins that can be used to exchange precious items in Arena Shop.

Arena Shop
You will get 4 Blood Coins if you win in the battle and 2 Blood Coins if you fail. You will also get Blood Coins via the daily ranking rewards. The Blood Coins can be used to buy Gold or Holy Item in Arena Shop. One thing to note is that the items sold here are all limited editions. You can consume Diamond to refresh the items manually if you want to buy more!