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Equipment System
Enabled at Lv 20

You can get the Equipment from Fairyland or from others. You also have a chance to draw superior Equipment from Chest. The better the Equipment’s quality is, the better the additional attribute will be and thus the higher the Battle Rating will be. There is the level limit on Equipment. You can’t equip with the Equipment if you don’t reached the required level.

Enhance Equipment
You can consume Silver to enhance all Equipment. If you want to clear the enhancing value, you can click Clear and the corresponding Silver will be given back.

Enchant Equipment
Enchanting Equipment will attach resistance that can help the Equipment decrease the damage dealt by special attack to the Equipment. You can attach 4 kinds of resistance, Frost Resistance, Fire Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Poison Resistance, by consuming the corresponding enchanting items. The items will disappear after you successfully enchant. Each Equipment can be attached only one resistance. The enchanted Equipment can be enchanted again and the new resistance will replace the former resistance.

Disassemble Equipment
You can disassemble the Equipment that is above epic to get Dragon Shards. You need to clear the enhancing value for the enhanced Equipment and remove the Gems for the embedded Equipment before you disassemble them. The enchanted Equipment can be disassembled directly but the enchanting materials won’t be given back. The required amount of Dragon Shards for disassembling the Equipment of different Stars and quality is different.