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If you want to play this game cool and nice, yet you really don’t have the time for it, what should we do? Here’s a shortcut for you, to become our VIP in ShiFu! With only the price of 2 packs’ cigarette, you can become the invincible Tycoon in the game FOREVER!!

Now let’s see how to become an Invincible Tycoon in ShiFu!

1. Activate the VIP
To play the VIP system around we have to became a VIP first. Now here is VIP button besides our icon, click it to enter the VIP page.

Open the VIP page and click “VIP Activation” button, then you will successfully activate your VIP with just 688 Ingot.

After activating you’ll get a VIP mark displaying besides your name, isn’t that awesome?!

2. VIP Privileges

  • Open the “Mount Degrade” Function

  • Open the “Pet Degrade” Function

  • +15 EXP in killing monsters

  • +15% Silver in killing monsters

  • Open Wipe Out function in “Sweeping”

  • +1 chance in “Continuous Chop Instance”

  • +3 Silver Rewards/day in “Peach Blossom Array”

  • Unlock Skip Disciples Battle Function

  • CD Clear Disciples Mining CD

  • Double Disciples MAX Stamina

  • Double Offline Income

  • Vip Backpack

  • +1 +1 Quiz Chances

  • Free trial for daily quests One-Click Complete Function

  • Enemies Hunt Down

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