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Hidden Weapon

Hidden weapon, a very mysterious skill of martial art which kills people in stealth, is the secret skill of every Kungfu master. Now we present you with the brand new Hidden Weapon System in ShiFu, once again bring the world of ShiFu into chaos.
When player reaches certain level, the branch quest of hidden weapon will be available. Finish it and open the hidden weapon system. Hidden weapon can be promoted with silver and ingot.

Tips: Promotion blessing of hidden weapon will be reset at 00:00 every day, please promote your hidden weapon in time.

1.Hidden weapon will be triggered at a chance while play is attacking.
2.Hidden weapon acquires passive skills after activated.
3.The higher hidden weapon rank, the more attacks targets per hit. There could be 10 targets at the most.
4.Skill slots of hidden weapon will be opened one by one from rank 4 to rank 8.
5.High rank hidden weapon can be equipped with existing skills of player. When equipped, hidden weapon will attack with all effects of equipped skills.

Cave your path to a master with your unique hidden weapon!

Physique System

Physique system of ShiFu. There are 8 stats of physique system: HP, MP, ATK, DEF, HIT, AVO, Crit, TNC. There are different pet pill for each stats.

There is a ceiling usage of pet pill for each rank of physique. Rank can be promoted when all stats pills reach upper limit. With the rank promoted, the ceiling will be upgraded as well, enabling you to use more pet pills and thus more bonus stats.

Body System

Body system of ShiFu. For an unbreakable body, body purge is a good way to do so. Players of 1th Rebirth and above can check Body system in player panel.

There 5 phases of body: Shadow Hand, Kim Kong Body, Iron Head, Windy Leg and Hundred Feet. Each can be opened with silver or ingot.

There will be bonus buff after open each part of body, with HP*4000, MP*800, ATK*500, DEF*600, HIT*200, AVO*100, Crit*200, TNC*100 to the most. Open all body system will bring overall buff.

With ingot promote, there will be random damage reducing effect in extra, which is effective both to players and monsters. Ingot can be used to purge ingot body to enhance the damage reducing buff up to 10% at most.

With 12% super purge pill, the damage reducing effect can be promoted up to 12%. The body can’t be purged if the body is promoted with silver.