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Siegelord, a breakthrough in the traditional strategy battle mode, launches a new progressive combat system. Players may deploy a maximum of 5 Generals into each battle. Armies will be queued before the battle starts. The large-scale formation of opposing sides will deploy waves of rush attacks. Generals have their own strengths and abilities. Players may change the order of Generals deployed before the battle starts. Also, real-time tactical combat is used for the battle system; therefore, players need to command their armies according to the actualsituation on the battlefield. Choosing the right tactics will greatly affect the outcome of the battle.

Battle Process

Change the deployment order of Generals before the battle.

Use appropriate tactics to restrict the enemy's tactics during the battle.

Armies of the warring sides will be queued in the order of appearance of Generals.

Players' armies will be on the bottom left side of the screen and the enemy will be on the top right. When the battle starts, both armies will then proceed to the center of the screen.

Both warring sides will lose their armies according to the attack and defense strength of both sides.

Each row of troops is counted as a unit. A row moves forward once the previous row is defeated, until one party has no more troops to fight, thus ending the battle.

Defeat all enemy troops to gain victory.

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