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By completing a series of main quests, you can collect all 8 Pet Fragments and unlock the Pet system.

The pet interface will be available by clicking this button down below.

Or select the pet tab in the character interface.

Pets look cute, but they are also powerful. They can help you upgrade much quicker.

To upgrade your pet, you can either feed ( ) or train ( ) it. There are 3 different levels of pet feed. You can obtain Lv 1 pet feed by killing world bosses, signing in, or participating in events. You can get Lv 2 and Lv 3 pet feed by fusing lower level pet feed. By feeding your pet, it will upgrade and achieve a higher rating, as well as becoming a better helper to your endeavors.

Pet Trait Pill can be used to upgrade ( ) your pet’s trait and get better stats. The Trait of your pet starts with “common” and will finally level up to reach “Epic”. During the process, ATK and Hit rate of your pet will gradually increase, so will its rating.

You can use Books to acquire different pet skills. Some skills can add buff to the pet owner, some are used to impair the enemy.

Click Buff ( ) to view the Scrolls you have obtained.

Scrolls can add all kinds of buffs to your pet and increase its combat power, making your pet a better assistant on the battle field.