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Contemporary man knows not the origin of the spire. Since the dawn of man the Felspire has always been there – serving as a symbol of mystery and hope for those fortunate enough to lay their gaze upon its masterfully crafted obsidian walls. By its very nature, a landmark of such distinction naturally inspired the avarice of mankind. To some, the tower is rumored to be a source of infinite energy – enough to power the known world. To others, however, the tower is thought to be a portal to the underworld. They desire not only to possess the Felspire but to utilize it in their quest to join the world of catacombs and underlings with that of mortal beings. Though the true nature of the Felspire is yet to be understood, as long as there is man there will be a struggle to possess this landmark of mystery and awe.

Can the people of Eremos unite under a common cause or will human greed spell the end for our fragile race?

Mist Camp

Countless brave warriors died in the decade-long war against the demons. Demon King Typhon was finally defeated. Peace had come to this continent once again. People had started to rebuild their war-shattered homeland.

However, behind this peaceful life, there was a force moving secretly in the dark. Our adventurers came to the Mist Camp and witnessed the dark creatures’ invasion. After horrific scenes of destruction and suffering, they resolved to find the origin of these monsters and stop their invasion.

Lost Forest

This forest is cursed. When the adventurers arrived, they found the forest was occupied by dark creatures. Animals of the forest were all demonized. With the local residents’ help, adventurers found a horrible truth -- that demons are secretly invading this continent. If the adventurers couldn’t find the lost relics in time, demon king will come to this continent along with his mighty army. The adventurers were asked to bring this bad news to King Eric with all possible haste.

Storm City
After a harsh journey, the adventurers finally arrived at the last human city -- Storm City. In this city, our adventurers are given an enthusiastic welcome and generous hospitality by the locals. However, they have been living in peace for too long, no-one can provide any useful information about monsters or the relics whereabouts. Cecilia told the adventurers that these people have already lost their faith because the temple is occupied by monsters. In order to find the relics and restore people’s faith, adventurers must first cleanse the temple.

Lost Temple

Although the once holy temple is now a haven for monsters, some people are still fighting here to guard mankind’s last gleam of faith. Most dwellers near the temple are turned into puppets of the Druid Stalker. In order to free these poor, unfortunate souls, the adventurers must defeat the Druid Stalker. There seems, however, to be a bigger conspiracy behind all this.

Forgotten Grave

Inside the temple, there lurks a dark, underground tomb. When adventurers venture deeper inside, the shadow of darkness gets increasingly thicker. A caretaker told adventurers that some grave robbers have broken the seal that keeps the dark creatures inside. Adventurers must prevent the Reviving Stone from falling into the Druid Stalker’s hands.

Dark Sewer

It is said that the Demon King of Fear is, ironically, cowering in the Dark Sewer. Many heroes were killed and their belongings were left down in the dark, musky depths of the sewer’s tunnels. Collect them and the past of this city might be unveiled. According to rumors, fallen heroes’ equipment might contain some clues about the Sealing Stone.

Frozen Land

Our adventurers realized their human limitations and started to look for ways to strengthen themselves. According to a legend of this continent, the Frozen Land was once the battlefield of Gods and Demons. It is also the only place that demons still have their full power. Chione, the Goddess of Ice, left invaluable treasure scattered across this land. It is said that you will be blessed by Chione if you can collect each and every piece of treasure. The blessed one will also be guided to receive Poseidon’s legacy.

Domain of Poseidon

Poseidon’s palace is now open. Inside the palace, his legacy lays bare for all to see. Our adventurers met a mysterious old man in the palace. The old man has several trials designed for bold adventurers. It was said that if the adventurers could pass the trials and unveil the secrets, he would take them under his wing as apprentices.

Bleak Desert

During the last trial in Poseidon’s palace, our adventurers were teleported to the Bleak Desert for reasons unknown even to themselves. There, they met a stranger and promised to aid him in the recovery of prized treasure maps. During their search for the maps, the adventurers incidentally acquired some information about Zodiac equipment sets. According to legend, the one who collects all 12 equipment sets left by Athena may open the Domain of Dawn which has been sealed for thousands of years.

Domain of Dawn

The Gate of Sky is now open. The domain that had been sealed for thousands of years is now calling for brave warriors. The Gods’ prophecy could foresee the future, how come the God’s supposedly infallible vision didn’t predict their own inevitable demise?

Fallen Monastery

There is tragic news. When our heroes perished in the Domain of Dawn, their souls could not rest in peace. Instead, they were controlled by the Wraith in the Fallen Monastery. Wraith has turned them into monsters to fight against their fellow humans. The Wraith must be destroyed and the souls of heroes must be liberated.