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Deities have unlimited power that will make you almost invincible during combat. Conquer them and bend their power to your will, then you will be the true ruler in G.O.D.

He is the protector of the Pharaoh’s graves and the dominator of the underworld. People dare not look into his eyes for fear of losing their souls, and no one ever has survived his fearsome Windstorm.
Skills: Windstorm, Pounce
Talents: Terrify, Shadow Storm, Sorrow

Son of Zeus and Hera. He represents what people desire and also fear most: power. People see him as the phantom of disasters, but worship him for his skills in battles.
Skills: Fireblast, Shield Bash
Talents: Searing Flesh, Ares' Fury, Anima

She is the most intelligent goddess, and also a true warrior on the battlefield. Athena fights for honor without the eagerness towards power. She is pure and merciful, but also valiant.
Skills: Holy Shield, Holy Cure
Talents: Light of Grace, Goddess of Wisdom

He is the deva of rain and thunderstorms. Strong and cruel. He is also a great warrior, waging war against those who dare challenge the authority of the divinity.
Skills: Chain Lightning, Thunder Burst
Talents: Inert, Karma, Sublime

Monkey King
He is the leader of the monkey tribes, and his journey to the west made him a true hero. He is rebellious, but also very loyal. Enemies can never expect his next action during a combat, which makes him unstoppable.
Skills: Whirlwind, Magic Cudgel
Talents: Flamespawn, Iron Skin, Master’s Will

Yang Jian
A half-god with a third truth-seeing eye. He has endless power, and smashes all his enemies’ with his polearm.
Skills: Frost Spear, Frost Dash
Talents: Frost Gaze, Frostburn, Piercing Spear

He is considered as an all-mighty deity in Europe. Riding on his steed Sleipnir, Odin always prevails on the battlefield. Tales of his battles still live on the tongues of the people.
Skills: Frozen Realm, Charge
Talents: Icy Armor, Odin's Fury, The Allfather