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Battle: Valley of Dawn
Mode: Domination (occupy resource areas to earn enough victory points)
Number of players: 10 vs 10 (20 total)
Levels required: lvl 60 - 69, lvl 70 - 79, lvl 80 - 89, lvl 90 - 99, lvl 100 and above
Battle length: 15 minutes
Available: All Day

1) Rewards will be doubled for the first battle in Valley of Dawn.
2) Rewards will be doubled between 10:00am - 11:00am (stackable with 1)).
3) You will obtain Warrior's Signet (can be exchanged for rare items in Treasury) for fighting in Valley of Dawn.
How to join: click “Cross-server Battle”, choose “Valley of Dawn”.
What to do: In the battle of Valley of Dawn, you can 1) secure the flag (resource area) to earn victory points or 2) kill rival players to earn victory points.

1) There are five neutral areas at the beginning. Click the flag to start securing the area. Once the flag’s color is turned into your team’s color, your team will start receiving points from the area.
2) It takes 30 seconds to secure a flag. The securing progress can be interrupted.
3) When all the flags are secured by one team, the team will receive 5x the normal victory points.
4) It takes 30 seconds to secure a rival flag, the flag does not generate any victory points during the process.
5) Killing an enemy earns you 2 victory points.
6) The system will keep you updated on the status of the flags.

How to win:
1) The team that has earned 1600 victory points will become the winner.
2) When time is up, the team that has the most victory points will become the winner.
3) When time is up and both teams have the same victory points, the team with more kills will become the winner.
4) When time is up and both teams have the same victory points and kills, the team that has done more damage will become the winner.

1) If you quit the battle when it’s not finished yet, you will be deemed as a deserter. (when you are disconnected from the game, you won’t be deemed as a deserter if you reconnect within 3 minutes. If the battle is over when you have reconnected, you will appear at the location you were at before entering the battle.)
2) Deserter will be given a 30-minute de-buff. It forbids the deserter from entering any other battles.